2021 Junk Media Resolution V2.1

July 15, 2021

This is an update to 2021 Junk Media Resolution V2.

When I was a kid I loved Magic Tree House, The Magic School Bus and Animorphs. Eventually I outgrew them. These days, I feel like I'm outgrowing books all together. Often I'll be reading a book and think "I could write something better than this myself".

There are exceptions. I'm having fun with The Promised Land by Barack Obama and Catch Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale. I could not write those books. But firsthand accounts of people who have done extraordinary things are rare. I have already read every one I find interesting.

The first time I experimented with giving up books it was a mistake. Not that I am both well-read and a writer, the situation may have changed. Starting today, July 15th, I'm going to try out giving up nonfiction books and nonfiction podcasts entirely with four exceptions.

To put it another way, I am giving up secondhand nonfiction longform media.

I'm also giving up Less Wrong (including posting but not including private messages) and everything on my RSS Feed (including Webcomics, AstralCodexTen and a few blogs) for at least a month (ending August 15). Update July 29: I have re-allowed Less Wrong, in moderation.

Update August 3, 2021: I mostly scratched this resolution and replaced it sith a "do things per day list" instead of a "don't do things" list. I don't think I really need it though. A friend recommended I read a nonfiction book and it didn't appeal at all.