I ❤️ MrBeast

MrBeast is a popular YouTuber famous for giving away wealth indiscriminantly. He'll find random people or deserving people and give them $10,000 or a free car. Though designed to appear extravagant, MrBeast's obscene giveaways are actually an extremely efficient use of capital.

Helping other people with no expectation of compensation feels great. My purest source of happiness is finding out I've helped someone. Giving money away basically amounts to buying raw happiness. Even Saddam Hussein liked surprising his servants with cash and cars. Sharing his wealth with other people probably makes MrBeast happier than buying a private jet for himself.

I would be surprised if MrBeast didn't give away wealth off-camera too. But it's more efficient for him to give away money on-camera than off-camera. Much is gained by the videos he posts.

The best thing about MrBeast's system is how it is self-sustaining. Giving away money increases MrBeast's media power which builds his business which gets him more money he can give away.