[Review] The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying up.

Cleaning is hard. Not the physical act. The physical act of moving objects around is easy. According to Marie Kondo, cleaning is mostly about throwing things away. Deciding what to throw away is hard.

There are $2$ reasons to keep objects.

  1. 1. Object is useful.
  2. 2. Object makes you happy.

That's it. If an object doesn't fall into either category then it should be disposed of. The challenge is I own many things which are not useful and do not make me happy. Acquiring these things was a mistake. Throwing them away acknowledges that I made a mistake. I don't like admitting I have made a mistake.

But I do like learning things. Marie Kondo recommends thanking an object for the good times we had together before throwing it away. I will thank mine for teaching me what I don't need. After that, I can dispose of them in peace. The objects' final sacrifice will make me a better person.