There is more to life than saving the world

Sword Art Online is an anime about teenagers who get trapped inside a life-or-death videogame. They must beat the videogame to survive. My favorite arc is where our heroes abandon the main quest entirely to buy a virtual house by a virtual lake and go virtual fishing.

Are our heroes burned out and in need of recovery? Nope. They're just enjoying life. So what if their virtual world is just a tenuous illusion? The real world is a tenuous illusion too.

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! has a similar theme. Our heroes are sent to a fantasy world where they are tasked with defeating the Devil King. Instead, they hang out at the starting point for beginner adventurers doing manual labor and completing safe, easy quests.

The goddess wants money. The crusader wants to be abused. The magician wants to blow stuff up. The protagonist wants to avoid doing any work. None of them care about amassing power, earning prestige or saving the world.

KonoSuba is about freedom: the freedom to be greedy, vain, lazy, obsessive, reckless and masochistic. Sword Art Online is about how, by trying too hard to survive, you can lose sight of why surviving matters in the first place.