To Your Eternity

I recently watched To Your Eternity, an anime about an immortal being learning to be human. Episode 1 was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It was also the most Shinto.

To Your Eternity is about a world with no afterlife. Our world. Characters die. Characters stay dead. It is a tragedy each time a character dies. Only the memories of them live on. And those memories are fragile.

But the greatest tragedy isn't character death. [Spoilers ahead.] It's failing to achieve one's impossible dreams. One character tells himself he'll see his family when they already died long ago. Another character tells herself she'll see her boyfriend when he is dead too. To Your Eternity is about the tragedy of trying to do the impossible and failing because the impossible is, well, impossible. It's the tragedy of never having had a chance in the first place.

Sometimes we achieve our dreams. Sometimes we don't. In the end, everyone dies. What is the point of life if you do not achieve your dreams? What is the point of living when one's greatest desires are impossible? Those are questions To Your Eternity never asks. Obviously life is worth living. Life is worth living even if you never achieve your dreams. Life is worth living even if your dreams are impossible. Life is precious.