Updating Science Fiction Tropes

Much of science fiction worldbuilding comes from previous science fiction worldbuilding. Classic science fiction was often created decades ago. Star Wars came out in 1977. Star Trek came out in 1966. Technology has advanced since then―often surpassing fiction. Science has banashed certain fictional technologies to the realm of magic. You can create a refreshing new universe just by updating the science and technology to account for modern

Fire Control Systems instead of Blasters/Phasers

Large laser weapon systems are coming. Handheld laser guns won't be practical without a major advance like miniature nuclear power or room temperature superconductors. Handheld laser and plasma guns work on film look cool on film but they break my suspension of disbelief when used in fiction. An AK-47 works just fine in a vacuum.

If you want to advance handheld weapons then the way to do so is with Fire Control Systems (FCSs). FCSs are technology used to aim your weapon. A near-future FCS ought to have an aimbot that superimposes infrared on the user's field of view along with a targeting reticule that compensates for wind and the bullet's drop due to distance. The heads-up display should include other relevant battlefield information such as the location of one's allies.

Artificial Intelligence is Advancing Faster than Robotics

There's a trope of machine armies commanded by human beings. Software advances faster than hardware. AI is software. Robotics is hardware. If these trends continue (and I predict they will) then human populations controlled by supercomputers will come before machine armies controlled by human machines (except for a small number of robots like drones). This offers the opportunities for social commentary too.

No Artificial Gravity

Artificial gravity (other than the boring inertial kind) is used in television and movies to save money on production. There's no need to include it when writing a story or novel. Weightless environments are more interesting and exotic while still being grounded in hard science.

Hyperspace Equals Time Travel

If you include faster-than-light travel or teleportation then that means your characters have time machines. Roll with it.