We're the Good Guys

"Strategic bombing" is my favorite euphemism. I savor its implications of tactical amorality. If you don't know what "strategic bombing" means then you might guess it's similar to the "precision bombing" of military targets.

Actually, "strategic bombing" refers to the systematic indiscriminate firebombing of cities full of defenseless civilians. Strategic bombing is evil. The golden age of strategic bombing was the 1940s then the United States burned alive the peoples of Japan and Germany. America's conventional strategic bombing raids killed more people than Little Boy and Fat Man combined.

Another euphamism is "internment camp". The word "internment camp" was invented to refer to American concentration camps without using the dirty word "concentration camp" because concentration camps are associated with Nazis. Nazis are bad. Americans are the good guys.

"Good guys" means "on our side". "Bad guys" means "on the enemy's side". Good guys always win because history is written by the victors.