About Lsusr


If you like any of my work please say hi. I am not famous so I do not get a lot of email.

What does Lsusr stand for?

Lsusr comes from the Bash command $ ls /usr. "Lsusr" is pronounced "L. S. User".

Can we print Lsusr in our magazine/newspaper/other publication?

If it's a not-for-profit publication, you need no permissionā€”just print them with attribution to You can post lsusr in your blog (whether ad-supported or not) with no need to get my permission.

Why do you not enable comments on your blog?

There are other places on the Internet for people to express their opinions. If you want to let me know what you think of my writing then you can email me instead.

I am trapped in a fictitious reality. How do I get out?

Follow the šŸ‡.


Figure out how everything works.

What text editor(s) do you use?

Vim and Spacemacs.

How did you get so good at metaprogramming?

When I was in high school, I was recruited into a school for promising teenage hackers. Within an abandoned research lab located in an Asian formerly-Communist country, students are educated in science, engineering, espionage, strategy and wilderness survival. Metaprogramming is part of the core curriculum.